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Smash Hit includes a consistently moving perspective through a brightening, vivid and endless passageway. Accompanied with calming music, players are brought into a surreal world where time seems to have stopped. The music changes alongside the level as the pace is settled. And players will have to remove the obstacles in front of them in order to move on.


The Gameplay

The player has a stock of metal balls of which the player starts with that they can tap the screen to point and shoot. The player must be mindful so as not to come up short on these balls. The game ends the moment the player runs out of balls. They should either begin again from the earliest starting point (free form) or begin at the start of the last checkpoint (premium rendition).


Obstacles, in which a large number of them are movable, act as a blockage to prevent players from passing through. If players hit on any of these obstacles, there will be an immediate penalty of 10 balls. A considerable lot of these obstructions are made of glass and can be destroyed using the metal balls that you have (hence the game name Smash Hit). However, some of them do not require players to hit them as they do not obstruct your path.


Other Features

There are also catalysts, for example, giving the player a vast supply of balls for a brief span, turning every one of their balls hazardous for a brief timeframe, or backing time off for a short time. Find out more about the different power-ups and obstacles in Smash Hit in our guides section!


There are likewise little, blue polyhedra scattered all through the whole course. If players managed to hit a square pyramid with the ball, they will be awarded 3 balls, with a net gain of 2 balls in their pool. If they managed to hit an octahedron, the reward increase to 5 balls and players get a net gain of 4 balls. Lastly, by hitting a 3D star, players get a reward of 10 balls (net pick up +9).


In the event that the player manages to hit 10 of these polyhedra in succession without missing any, they will be able to gain their multi-ball status. As a result, if players are able to hit 40 polyhedra consecutively, they will be able to maximize the multi-ball status of 5 balls per shot. On the other hand, when players hit an obstacle or miss any of the polyhedra, they lose all their multi-ball status and must recover it. Read our cheats and guides to get unlimited balls!


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Over time, the levels get increasingly difficult. On the off chance that the player finishes every one of the checkpoints, there is an “interminable mode” toward the end, where the objective is to get by to the extent that this would be possible rehashing a similar course again and again. For every 1% you pass through a particular checkpoint, 10 points are added to your score. In the end, toward the end of one checkpoint, the player will have increased their score by 1,000 points.


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Game Features

Aim to hit. Smash everything!

Check out these game screenshots.

Smash Hit Screenshot
Smash Hit Screenshot

Download Smash Hit Premium | FREE game for PC, Mac, APK