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Known for his signature achievements such as Granny Smith and Sprinkle, Mediocre is back on Android with a new title called “Smash Hit”. Beauty and originality are the keywords of this beautiful title where the act of destruction is an art. We fell in love with this game where the concept is to go the furthest by destroying as many diamonds as possible using your famous iron balls while avoiding the obstacles over here and there on your way in a completely surrealistic universe. Join us as we bring you through is an out-of-the-world experience.


An interesting system where the more balls you have and the more chance you have to go far in a game. Be careful not to waste it and avoid obstacles. By hitting an obstacle, you will have a penalty: the loss of 10 balls, which is huge in full.


Main Information about Smash Hit the Game

Destroy everything on your way through a breathtaking futuristic dimension. You break down obstacles and targets by watching the best destruction physics ever created online.


Music synchronization: music and sound effects adapt to each level, obstacles move in rhythm with the new melodies. More than 50 different rooms with 11 styles of graphics; each level realistically reproduces the glass that breaks.


Keep up the pace! Mediocre AB is not at his first stroke. But this time, Smash Hit has all the gaits of the delusional gameplay that leaves no one indifferent. The principle is simple, and that’s probably the strength of this new game: you must destroy everything that appears on your screen, including obstacles and targets.


The game has at least fifty levels with different styles of graphics. The characteristic glass break that accompanies each destruction is breathtaking realism that will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, in Smash Hit, the obstacles move in rhythm with the sound, so it is better to have a good musical ear to get by more easily.


A gameplay very well thought out

The least we can say is that the ergonomics and realism of the game are excellent. You will probably never have witnessed such physical destruction online. The differences in graphics adapt to all tastes and prove that the concept of this online gameplay was very well thought out.


An entertaining game If you really like the ergonomics and the musical side of the game, it can quickly become repetitive, even if the sets change as the course. In addition, the demo version is rather short. You have to spend a little money to play longer and get better features. At the beginning of the game, the games are a bit slow for many players. But afterward, they are paradoxically too long! That said, Smash Hit remains an entertaining and addictive gameplay.


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Tempted to play the game? Discover this whole new surreal dimension yourself. Download Smash Hit on your Windows PC or Mac now. With a bigger and clearer screen, it’s definitely the ultimate cinematic experience you won’t want to miss. Put your concentration, accuracy, and judgment to test! Play Smash Hit today.