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Behold, the Smash Hit guide is here! Smash Hit may seem like an easy game to play at first, but it takes a fair amount of concentration and accuracy to be able to advance further in the game. Hence it is essential for you to read our guides to fully understand the mechanics of the game and thereby be able to excel in it.


Smash Hit Gameplay

The game starts by bringing you through a quick tutorial, giving you a taste of what the gameplay is like. You start off by hitting several pyramid crystals and gaining additional balls in your pool. Subsequently, you will need to aim for the obstacles that are coming your way. The speed of the game increases as you move along the different zones. Hence your reaction speed will also need to be faster and you will have to avoid crashing into the obstacles. The penalty for crashing into the obstacles will be 10 balls, which is quite a lot considering that the chances for getting bonus balls become lesser and lesser when you proceed to checkpoint 3 and checkpoint 4.


Smash Hit Guide

Smash Hit is a game that is based on timing and strategy. To get the most from the game, you have to find the higher payouts, like Crystals. Crystals replenish your ball count faster which means you have longer to play. For every crystal you crush successfully, you get 3 balls in return. Increase your multiball status with 10 successful consecutive hits at the crystals. Only using 2 balls is key to conserving your supply. Most everything can be smashed with a max of 2 balls.


Another way to conserve the limited supply of balls you have is to find the weak points to hit. Finding a string or laser and getting rid of those will be faster and take less effort. For example, when you confront windmill obstacles, two balls is what you need to do the trick yet you need to hold up until the point when you’re to a great degree close. At that point, quickly fire two iron balls at once. This gives you simply enough time to sneak past, and that is all you require. You also have to always remember to aim for the power-ups. These will give you extras that will prolong your life and get your further in the game.


You have to focus on your path as well. Don’t waste your time or ammo objects that are outside of your path. Some sliding articles that move forward and backward or pivot aren’t ever quite your way. That implies there’s positively no motivation to squander balls on them. Simply abandon them be and you’ll go by them sound without squandering a single ball. As a last resort, you can spend cash to have better features, like starting over at a checkpoint.


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