Smash Hit Cheats & Hacks | Online Game Tips and Tricks

Smash Hit is a highly relaxing arcade game that is suitable for players of all ages. With simple colors and realistic sound effects, it’s the ultimate destressing tool for all. Smash Hit is easy-to-play but hard to master! Fret not, follow our Smash Hit cheats and hacks below and you will be able to break your own high score.


1. Target At Hitting Early Crystals

Veterans will definitely realize that crushing gems will give 3 more balls to our basket. Since coming up short on balls implies that game’s over, we would profoundly recommend that the gems are our primary concern. In the event that we crush numerous gems in succession, we will win a score multiplier. Specifically, hitting 10 gems consecutively results in a multi-ball status. This means that you will be able to fire a greater number of marbles with one tap than usual. Whatever remains of the game will then wind up less demanding when we have 5 marbles smashing through whatever’s in our way. Be cautious, nonetheless, in light of the fact that missing or colliding with obstacles will instantly revoke the multiplier.


2. Try not to Be Overzealous

When breaking glass panels, there’s such a great amount to break as opposed to crushing things. There’s something about shattering glass that draws out the deranged side within each one of us. While destroying items is calming (much like the marvel of bubble wraps), we’re in an ideal situation saving our metal balls than thrashing them uncontrollably to break as much glass as we can. By expecting the “2 Ball Rule,” we are swearing we just utilize a most extreme of 2 balls to break anything remaining in our direction. By crushing openings amidst the board, we can clear a savvy approach to move ahead.


3. Go for The Weak Points

As we advance through the amusement, we’ll be experiencing various systems blacking our trail to progress. Subsequently, everyone has an Achille’s foot rear area for we to target and thrashing easily.


4. Go for As Many Powerups As Possible

In this game, power-ups offer the player a simple way out of any circumstance. Without a doubt, the planning of the power-up is conceivably significantly more imperative. By utilizing these advantages at the appropriate time, we can definitely upgrade their impact and eventually our score.


5. Enhance Your Aim From Far Away

On the off chance that we point sufficiently high, we can hit for the most part anything from the uttermost point away. By getting the greater part of the gems in our observable pathway off the beaten path, we can center around getting everything else out of our way as the game advances. 


6. Hold up Until Bigger Objects Are Closer

Attempting to foresee where a moving obstruction will be the point at which we get to it is close unimaginable, and also totally superfluous. By evacuating the gems and other little targets prior from far away, we can without much of a stretch travel through glass boards by holding up until the latest moment possible and terminating a route through.


7. Take out two targets with one shot

By timing effectively, we can bank the ball off one obstacle to another, wiping out both with one ball. On the off chance that we hit a precious stone, the ball keeps on flying forward, empowering the capacity to hit more than one in the event that they are arranged appropriately.


By adopting these Smash Hit cheats and hacks, you will be on your way to become the next Smash Hit master! Eager to try out these tips and tricks? Download Smash Hit on your PC and start smashing away!