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Explain about the various Smash Hit Multiplayer game modes.

Mediocre, the game developer of Smash Hit, has recently announced the release of 2 new game modes. These game modes are specially catered for players who like the extra interactivity to play with their friends. The 2 new multiplayer game modes are Versus and Co-op. Find out more about these 2 game modes here.


Versus Mode 

In Versus mode, players get to play competitively against another player on the same device. The game screen is divided into 2 halves and each player play on each side. Both players will travel through the same dimension. If you think that your friend will have a higher edge against you since he has played the classic mode more frequently than you, do not worry as players in the Versus mode will experience brand new obstacles and rooms. This gives players the additional excitement as they do not know what to expect next. In this case, both players will be standing on the same level when playing in this mode.



In Co-op mode, as the name suggests, you will be playing alongside a friend. Both of you will cooperate in this multiplayer mode and help each other to obtain the furthest distance possible. This mode tests the teamwork between the 2 players. Who knows, 4 hands are better than 2 right?


Come and challenge yourselves with your friends in these multiplayer modes! Both modes are available for free to all players who have unlocked the premium version of Smash Hit. Play Smash Hit on PC now!


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