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How many checkpoints are there in Smash Hit?

Smash Hit Checkpoints

There are twelve checkpoints in the game Smash Hit. You have to play through each checkpoint before you can go to another checkpoint. Although this game gets increasingly hard, many are still addicted to this game! Smash Hit provides both engagement and visual enjoyment to its users. A checkpoint is a place you start from if you run out of balls in the previous round. The game allows players to go back to their last checkpoint and continue from there. This concept is well-received by players as it allows them to focus on maximizing their scores in each individual checkpoints and overall achieve their best score. Check out the tips and cheats that we have to help you achieve that high score!


Checkpoint twelve is the last checkpoint you can get to and you win from there. It is really hard to beat the game and get to checkpoint twelve. But do not be disheartened. There are people who managed to get to checkpoint twelve and complete the game. The other checkpoints are places in the game that you get to and then it is like a save. You can start from any of those checkpoints and play through it again. So don’t worry if you are just 2 checkpoints away from the last, your perseverance will definitely pay off!


About Smash Hit

Smash Hit is referred to as a mindless game though, as it requires little skill. You can get more balls throughout the game depending on how many things you hit. Different shapes of crystals give you different numbers of balls. The levels or checkpoints get harder as you go through the game and become more difficult to complete. There is an endless mode at the end of the game if you can complete all twelve checkpoints. Although getting to checkpoints twelve means you beat the game, there is no actual winning of the game.

The game will never stop. Smash Hit is an “endless running” game in disguise. You get run out of balls eventually and this ends the game. So the object of the game is to see how long you can go without running out of balls. People enjoy this game and it has high reviews. It takes time to get good at Smash Hit. Show others what you’ve got! Join in the Smash Hit craze today! Download now!