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How to get Unlimited Balls in Smash Hit?

In order to get an advantage when playing Smash Hit and beat the current level which you are in, you need to get unlimited balls in the game. Unlimited balls can be earned easily now during gameplay. Read more for our step-by-step guide on the cheats and hacks on getting that unlimited ball status. Disclaimer: Try it at your own risk.

Getting Unlimited Balls

During gameplay, make sure to pause the game and click the purple ball diagram, which will take you to go to a link called Once you are on the page, you have to click the magnifying glass with a question mark icon. It will take you to page to enter the amount you need for the balls. The ideal number for you to keep playing through the game and never run out is 999999. This is the limit in the game in which you can have an unlimited number and never run out to hit the target.

Before pausing the game, make sure the link is running on the browser of your smartphone or tablet during gameplay on the background. On the link provided, please follow the instructions carefully so you can have it running in the background during the game so you don’t have to do this every time before you play, so it stays as a permanent mod to the game. Simply copy and paste the link provided in this sentence: to your browser. It will take you to the page where you can enter the desired number of balls.

After entering the number of balls you need, go back and start playing the game. Also midway through the game, save it so you can keep going and finding some more. Otherwise, keep hitting the targets when playing. Another thing to note is that you need to have the link running in the background while playing the game. If you are done playing the game in the background, make sure to just exit it out once you are on the multi-task feature of your smartphone or tablet.

With unlimited balls now in your bag, you will have no excuses about not being able to break the world record of Smash Hit right? Download the game now and try it out today!