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How to play Smash Hit game?

Playing the Smash Hit game is definitely something that takes time and patience if you are playing to beat all the levels and get to the infinite stage of the game. Find out how to play the game! And be sure to download the game if you have not done so!


The key to winning is not being overly aggressive with the balls. You need to be conservative with them and use them wisely. You need to build up the balls as you go until you get to the point that when you shoot the balls you have five shot at once. The way you do this is by hitting every crystal and not running into any of the obstacles or glass that get in your way. Your collection of balls will continue to build as long as you continue to hit all the crystals and avoid the obstacles.


Smash Hit Game Power Ups

The next step to a victorious gameplay is the proper utilization of the many power-ups the game has to offer. The most useful one in the game is the Unlimited Balls power-up. Having these in your bag can make or break your gameplay. They are so helpful because they help you save your balls so you don’t have to use all them. If many large objects appear, you can use this power up to destroy it by shooting many balls at once at it without wasting the ones you have gained. The second most valuable power-up is the Slow Time power-up. Using this can help you if you feel overwhelmed or if many obstacles or crystals appear and you need time to hit them all. The last power-up is the Explosion power-up. This power-up works by turning your individual balls into shooting bombs. Upon impact of an obstacle, it destroys a larger area of it.


These power-ups are key to succeeding in this game. As long as you aim to save as many balls as possible and collect power-ups you can get as high a score as you want and have fun with this addicting game. Find out more about the other Smash Hit game cheats and hacks here!