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What are the Different Crystals in Smash Hit? | Earn Extra Balls

The key to getting a high score in Smash Hit is to have sufficient balls to last you through all the checkpoints. It’s GAME OVER the moment you run out of balls to shoot. In Smash Hit, you need to focus on strategy, always planning your next move and watching your time. Crystals earn you more balls so always be looking for them. For every crystal that you smash you are given 3 balls. If you are lucky enough multiball bonus are the way to go.


Multiball bonus is awarded if you get a streak of 10 crystals in a row. You will be able to shoot out 2 balls at once (instead of the typical one ball) and it only counts as one ball! There are several different crystals and you want to look for them and know what they do. For example, there is a pyramid crystal and this will give you crystals but instead of 3, you get 5. So look out for the crystals. They are small blue polyhedral targets. So look out for them destroy 10 in a row without leaving any behind and you will get multi-ball upgrade where you can throw more than one ball in 1 move. You can throw up to 5 balls at a time by hitting 40 crystals in a row without leaving any behind.


Smash Hit Crystals

There are several crystals you will come across as the game progress. Firstly, you will have the Pyramid crystals. These are the most common and they yield you 3 balls. Next, there is the Octahedral not very common. These will yield you 5 balls. Lastly, there is a 3D star looking crystal. This is least common and yields you 10 balls. At checkpoint 12 there is a butterfly crystal that will yield you 20 balls. Always be on the lookout for crystals they can be what helps you to reach the next checkpoint.


TIP: Don’t waste your balls. Conserve them whenever possible. Almost everything in the game can be taken out with 1 to two balls. Common errors are like when you see an object that is just kind of hanging/dangling there, don’t worry about using balls to hit the object but hit the string that you object is floating from. Another common way people are wasting balls is when there is an object moving from left to right you don’t really need to waste balls you can easily pass by without breaking. Another way people waste balls is shooting from too far away sometimes it is better to get closer and then use balls. Hope these tips help you score your next high score!


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