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What is Smash Hit VR game?

Smash Hit is a game based on a surreal journey through different dimensions of another world, moving freely with the harmony of sounds music. This experience requires concentration for the player allowing him to be attentive in each part of the game. Players are also presented with the opportunity to not only travel as much as far as they can, but also break the beautiful glass objects that stand in their way. A new enhancement to this game, Smash Hit VR, is sure to grab the attention of all fans out there.


Smash Hit VR

Introducing Smash Hit VR, players are now able to fully immerse themselves in this surreal dimension. This version of VR of Smash Hit is totally free right now, making it a more attractive for players to give it a try.  By incorporating the VR experience into the game, it definitely sparked more interest among gamers. Hence, be sure to give Smash Hit VR a try!


In Smash Hit, the player clicks on the screen to unleash a ball that arcs through space in front of them. The objective is to hit crystals that break like glass. Each successful hit on the crystal arms the player with an additional number of balls to throw. Players can get up to five balls to throw in 1 launch. This makes it easier to hit targets in more challenging areas. The player moves in a straight line to the horizon with fragile objects that enter his path. Colliding with one of these objects resets the player to a single ball, losing the multiball bonus. The game is over if the player runs out of balls.


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