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What is Smash Hit Zen Mode?

Smash Hit is an easy-to-control game which requires users to throw iron balls at the target. The objective of the game is to avoid crashing into the obstacles by smashing them before you reach them. Each player has a limited amount of balls, so there are crystals along the way to allow players to collect more balls. The game ends when the player loses all his balls.


The game is divided by levels. Each one is more difficult than the previous one and works as a “checkpoint” or “control point” although you must pay to obtain this function. At the end of all the levels, there is the infinite mode, in which the same thing is repeated over and over again while the speed increases. There comes a point where it becomes so fast that it is impossible to evade crystals; and, therefore, the player loses sooner or later.


Smash Hit Zen Mode

Smash Hit is a strategy video game developed and distributed by the game development company, Mediocre. There are five additional game modes in the premium version of Smash Hit. Zen mode is one of them. One of the main functions of this mode is for players to relax and enjoy the music. Players can also admire the visual effects in the game. They are also able to throw balls in this mode.

One good thing about the Zen mode is that there is no ball count at all, so players can play for as long as they want and throw the balls in any direction they wish to. Players are also able to obtain the multi-ball bonus here, although there is no direct indication on the game screen. The whole subject depends on the music that is played in the zone. The Zen mode is a great destressing tool for all.


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