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What is the Smash Hit World Record Score?

The highest score in the game, Smash Hit, depends on which rank a player has achieved. There have been many discussions about the world record score for Smash Hit. However, we noticed that there’s no official statement made by the game developer, Mediocre AB, about the Smash Hit World Record Score. While many claimed that they have achieved the world record score on several platforms such as Youtube or major forums, the highest score that we see kept changing regularly. Competitive players are ever ready to write off the high score achieved by others and overtake them! Tempted to join in the fun and show off your skills? Download Smash Hit on PC now and let the world knows who’s boss!


Smash Hit Game Review

This game has been around for about 3 or 4 years and its popularity doesn’t seem to die off. Smash Hit is a highly addictive game! Players have to travel through these different dimensions while smashing obstacles and targets that get in their way. They will have to shoot iron balls at the objects that are coming toward them. You get more balls if you smash the pyramid-shaped glass objects. The game has music which is synced to the action in each of the different stages the player must go through.


To date, there are over 50 different rooms that present 11 different graphic styles. The point where the game becomes addicting is as you progress you’ll move faster and the levels become increasingly more complex. The neat thing is that when the player smashes through the glass, you get the very real sound of actual glass being broken. Players must focus and concentrate making sure that they travel as far as possible in the time allowed.


Basically, this game is pretty mindless and cost absolutely nothing to play. Some of the players have said that if you have some time to kill this is a great time killer. More and more people are spending free time playing these types of games. The graphics are unbelievable and very realistic which makes these types of games fun and addicting for people of all ages. With the advancements in today’s technology, it is no wonder that playing these games has become a national pastime.


Smash Hit has come a long way over the years and today still remains a favorite of players everywhere. Join in the fun today by downloading Smash Hit online! Now available on PC and Mac.