Smash Hit Game Features | Gameplay, Multiball, Obstacles, Crystals, Download

Immerse yourselves in this surreal journey into the world of Smash Hit. Travel in the different dimension together with realistic sound effects and stunning graphics. It’s a test of concentration, focus, and coordination. Download the game online if you have not done so! And while waiting for the installation, let us take a look at the Smash Hit Game Features for you to familiarize yourselves with the game.


Smash Hit Game Features: Multiball

When the player starts at the Introductory stage, they will start off with their Multiball status set to one ball per throw. To increase the status, ten crystals must be smashed in a row. When the player has destroyed their first set of ten, their Multiball status will increase to two balls per throw. After ten more crystals are destroyed, it will increase to three per throw, and so on. The maximum Multiball status is five balls per throw.


Every crystal destroyed will only count as one of the ten crystals needed. This is true for all crystals, regardless of type, whether it be pyramid, octahedron or 3D star. The Multiball meter can be seen at the top of the screen, alongside the player’s Ball Inventory. When the player first plays, the meter will be empty.


Each time a crystal is destroyed, one of the ten segments of the meter will light up. Once the player completely fills the meter, their status increases. The meter will empty and the player must refill it; doing so increases the status once more. The meter also features an image of the player’s Multiball status, represented by a number of balls. The number shown corresponds to the status, for example, an image of three balls will be shown if the player’s Multiball status is set to three balls per throw. Multiball will only reach 5 balls at a time, hitting Crystals will only gain more balls from then on. The player’s Multiball status is reset when the player when the player misses a crystal and when the player crashes.


Smash Hit Game Features: Obstacles

Obstacles are slowly introduced after the player passes the Introductory stage. Often made of glass, these obstacles come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are movable while others are stagnant at specific locations. The player has to keep a lookout for oncoming obstacles and smash them in time so that the player does not crash into them. Failure to remove the obstacles in front of them will lead to a penalty of 10 balls from the player’s pool of balls.


Sometimes the player will meet obstacles such as thick glass panels hanging in the middle of the screen by 2 pieces of thin strings. Simply go for the string! Once the string breaks, the glass panel will essentially tumble down, and ultimately you just consumed a single ball to do it. On the other hand, if the player direct aims at the glass panels, he will definitely take more than 1 ball to get it out of the way.


In Smash Hit game, timing and accuracy is everything. For example, when the player approaches the windmill obstacles, the player essentially need just two balls to do the trick. The tricky part is to be patient and hold up until the point when the player is really close to the obstacle. At that point quickly fire two balls off. This gives you simply enough time to sneak past, and that is all you require. Sounds easy right? There are also some sliding articles that move forward and backward or pivot aren’t ever quite your way. That implies there’s positively no motivation to squander balls on them. Simply ignore them and you’ll go by them safely without squandering any balls.


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